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Structured Networking platform

powered by BaselTech

The new Baseltech platform enables networking in a new way.

We focus on a high data quality to suggest perfect partners from Basel, which optimally fit your current situation. Through regular surveys, we continuously identify your needs and are the optimal companion for your business. Through a strong network, we would like to strengthen the attractiveness of Basel as a business location.  


Basel's tech scene, overshadowed by its dominant pharma industry, remains largely unnoticed by newcomers. Our goal is to develop a platform that not only highlights these hidden tech gems but also fosters collaboration for growth.


While platforms like LinkedIn and Meetup exist, they might not sufficiently address this specific need. We seek your insights to effectively tailor our solution and enhance Basel's tech visibility.

Feature Ideas

Quality Seal

Quality Label

We provide a simple and efficient onboarding process.


All registrations are checked by BaselTech and receive a quality seal. So, you can be sure that we have good partners in our network. 

Answer Questions


At regular intervals, you will receive a survey from us to be able to assess your situation.


Based on the results, we recommend partners who can help you with your current challenge. 



We recommend only a few potential partners and do the pre-selection for you.


Thus, you can focus on your business, and we concentrate that your network is optimally adapted to your needs. 

The Journey of the Platform


The ICT and digital industry in the Basel region needs more visibility and further expansion. 

May '23

Two teams start working on ideas on how to improve the outreach of the region 

August '23

Ideation prototyping by the Landscape team starts in earnest 

November '23

Testing phase: validating ideas with the Basel region community 

Our Team


The Soulful Strategist


The Design-Thinking Maestro


The Digital Leader


The Tech Guru


The Project Manager & Creative Designer

Why do we
need you?

  • Co-create Basel's tech community   

  • With your opinion, we shape a best-in-class solution  

  • To reach the problem-solution fit, we are looking for diverse opinions from the ecosystem  

  • Let's make Basel even better, together!

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