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2500 square meters for AI, Blockchain and Web3 Ventures

Aktualisiert: 11. Juli 2023

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The Basel Region has a new hotspot for digital innovation. It’s located in Allschwil in Baselink Campus and offers flexible working and event facilities for 1 up to 250 persons. It calls itself Metaporta Venture Studio and it was founded by Michael Beglinger and Patrick Geiser. Michael Beglinger is the founder and CEO of Wondrous, which recently became part of Parkside Interactive. Patrick Geiser is a Business Angel and Investor. He was the head of finance at Basilea Pharmaceuticals until March 2023.

As a first partner, ICT scouts will move its headquarters to the Metaporta Venture Studios. ICT scouts, founded by Rolf Schaub, supports young digital talents who still attend school as they enter the professional IT-world. “We aim at becoming a magnet for like-minded individuals of all generations, who seek for visionary environments that foster co-creation and innovation. We want to connect knowledge institutions, start-ups and high-tech companies as well as the government to drive innovation with emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain and Web3,” says Micheal Beglinger about his new Venture, which is expected to open its doors this summer.

- Watch Michael Beglinger announcing Metaporta ventures at the “It’s about tech" event: Video

- Link to Press Release

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